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Orange Valencia

Orange Valencia


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This is a 3D model of the limited-edition label designed for Festilia’s Valencia Orange Juice, featuring an illustration of Mrs. Festilia, the matriarch of the Briguglio family, drawn by artist Amrita Sarkar. The label’s rich yellow perfectly captures the vivacious colour of Festilia’s juice, made with handpicked Valencia oranges.  

Amrita Sarkar is a graphic designer and self-taught artist. She is the mind behind the illustration created for the limited-edition labels of Puraforlife’s new brand Festilia. Sarkar, who has been drawing since before she can remember, likes to think of her art as self-thoughts expressed both on paper and pixels. She thinks visually, always resorting to the drawing board to best express herself and, occasionally, to escape the world around her. She is an avid Inktober participant, and she showcases many of her sketches drawn in ink, charcoal and pencil online. Her subjects mostly portray human emotions and vulnerability. She is often drawn to simple concepts that are powerful, bold and that need to be voiced in today’s society.

As a further homage to Mrs. Festilia, NFTs of the limited edition Festilia juice label have been released: this special label features a black and white illustration of the matriarch of the Briguglio family drawn by artist Amrita Sarkar. The NFTs are in a limited number of 20 pieces per juice flavor, and each NFT purchase will entitle the buyer to receive the physical bottle with the limited edition label.
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