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Arianna e Teseo - Il Labirinto #16 B&W

Arianna e Teseo - Il Labirinto #16 B&W


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Unique piece. NFT and Artwork.

NFT details

Artwork details
Mixed media.
16/16 cm, depth 10 cm.
Black or white cube, stainless steel.

She ranges between installations, illustration and video art in all of which her stylistic identity always rings true: refinement, elegance and an essentiality of representation, combined with a subtle vein of irony. Here she is exalting soon forgotten female figures in the star system (Framed 100 round trips to Hollywood, 2010) there she is illuminating the lives of dynamic, pioneering women whose revolution has yet to be completed (Nimby, 2016). From archive research to the creation of icons of the contemporary, Filiberti’s works focuses on diverse themes never politically correct.
The most renowned work is Pepita.
With Seidimano (Mondadori Electa 2017) 54 dual images from a deck of cards represent the subtle dynamics of card games as the game of life. Small images matched with quotes from F. Dostoevskij’s The Gambler, and audio and video installations. Since 2018 she started a pilgrimage with Cappelline, dedicated to the Holy Virgin.
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