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The cornerstone of our project is letting brilliant minds like yours express their creativity through innovation. With our help, you can make the most out of the new frontiers of technology and give incredible value to your work.
1. MINT, SHOWCASE AND SELL YOUR PHYGITAL AND NFTs: Present us your work and idea, tell us the story behind each artwork, set the prices: we will take care of the rest. Each piece will rise to new life as an PHYGITAL and NFT and shine brightly on our exclusive platform.

2. BUILD YOUR BRAND: Market yourself with PHYGITAL and NFTs. With Hodie, you will be able to provide your supporters with a unique experience and utility, as well as make yourself known to an even larger audience.

3. CONNECT WITH OTHER CREATORS Step into a hub of innovative creators who think that PHYGITAL AND NFTs are the key to success. On Hodie you have the opportunity to become part of a forward-looking community and gain valuable insight.