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Hodie is the first Italian multi-brand platform where you can find top-quality Phygital Goods linked to NFTs from international creators. The platform allows you to browse Phygital and NFTs by category (sports, fashion, art, influencers, music, and more) and read more about each of them: every NFT is valued by having its story told. In this digital era where uniqueness always gets lost in conformity, on Hodie each NFT stands out: this is what makes our marketplace unmatched and a guarantee of quality and success.

For Buyers

  • Purchase Phygital + NFTs with an artistic and commercial value
  • Pay for the Phygital Goods + NFTs in both Fiat and Cryptocurrencies
  • Store your NFTs on our platform without having to set up a wallet
  • Obtain a certificate of ownership of your NFTs
  • Get a phygital experience
  • Support projects of social utility and charity

For Creators

  • Receive assistance from an NFT Manager who will create an ad hoc project and place it on the marketplace
  • Obtain a space for sharing the story behind your brand and your NFTs
  • Influencers have the opportunity to create added value for their fan base
  • Get clear contracts that meet the requirements of applicable laws
  • We can add benefits to your project or make it phygital to create an Exclusive NFT Experience
  • Create NFTs on the Bitcoin Blockchain, which is secure and reputable
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