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Hodie is the first Italian multi-brand platform where you can find top-quality NFTs from international creators. The platform allows you to browse NFTs by category (sports, fashion, art, influencers, music, and more) and read more about each of them: every NFT is valued by having its story told. In this digital era where uniqueness always gets lost in conformity, on Hodie each NFT stands out: this is what makes our marketplace unmatched and a guarantee of quality and success.

For Buyers

  • Purchase NFTs with an artistic and commercial value
  • Pay for NFTs in both Fiat and Cryptocurrencies
  • Store your NFTs on our platform without having to set up a wallet
  • Obtain a certificate of ownership of your NFTs
  • Re-sell NFTs on the platform
  • Support projects of social utility and charity

For Creators

  • Receive assistance from an NFT Manager who will create an ad hoc project and place it on the marketplace
  • Obtain a space for sharing the story behind your brand and your NFTs
  • Influencers have the opportunity to create added value for their fan base
  • Get clear contracts that meet the requirements of applicable laws
  • We can add benefits to your project or make it phygital to create an Exclusive NFT Experience
  • Create NFTs on the Bitcoin Blockchain, which is secure and reputable
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