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Svccy is a digital artist and graphic designer. His passion for visual arts started in 2016, when he created his first images in Photoshop with the technique of digital collage art. Later, he began to experiment with creating images with 3D graphic programs, which he still uses today. His art is inspired by the Vaporwave/Aesthetics movement, born online between 2011-2012. The genre is characterised by nostalgic themes from the 80s and 90s, computer operating systems and videogame consoles, Roman busts, abandoned malls, elements from the Japanese culture, all adorned with the use of purple and rose shades. Compared to the traditional images of the genre, Svccy’s are darker and more introspective. Svccy depicts the human figure as statues, often faceless or covered by objects, symbolising the total lack of identity of the individual, subdued by technology and the ultra consumerist society. From 2016 on he has received several accolades: he won the Osservatorio Cultura Lavoro at the Connexion Festival Rome, the Teelent contest, was a finalist at the 14th “Sergio Fedriani” award and the Varese Design Week. At the beginning of 2022 he worked with Telepass to create three unique pieces for the new T-Space showroom at Firenze, and in the same year he took part in various art fairs in Italy, showcasing physical and digital pieces. Svccy is currently featured in the “Zanini arte” and “Looking for art” galleries.

Svccy Collection


The Ascension - Still Image


The Cycle - Still Image


The Breath - Still Image


The Breath


The Ascension


The Cycle


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