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Eritrea Miniere d'Oro 1900 - Collectible Historical certificate + Digital Art By ScripoPhygitalArt


1898 - L'ESPLORATRICE (Miniere Rif. C. Benso conte di Cavour) S.A. DI ESPLORAZIONE E COLTIVAZIONE DI MINIERE - 1 AZIONE TORINO - Collectible Historical Certificate + Digital Art By ScripoPhygitalArt


Debito Pubblico 1879 Re Vittorio Emanuele II - Collectible Historical Certificate + Digital Art By ScripoPhygitalArt


Fiat San Giorgio 1917 - Collectible Historical Certificate + Digital Art By ScripoPhygitalArt


Petroli d'Italia 1906 - Collectible Historical certificate + Digital Art by ScripoPhygitalArt

Know the creator was born in the early 2000s from a project by Alberto Puppo, an entrepreneur who over the years has been able to combine information technology with the promotion of cultural content and excellence.

The project aimed to bring together enthusiasts in the field and succeed in generating the largest virtual museum of ancient stock certificates.

Over the years, the goal was so conquered that the need arose to divide the museum part from the sales part.

Thus was born the virtual museum, which today has the classification of about 16,000 companies and a catalog of variants that reaches more than 40,000 documents worldwide.

The founder

Alberto Puppo

Alberto Puppo was born in Verbania in 1970. When he was only 16 years old, he successfully began to study on his own and experiment with data transmission through telecommunication networks by computer. Then he specialized in telematics, being among the first to bring the Internet to the province of Verbania-Cusio-Ossola (one of the first provinces in Italy to be connected to the Web). Later he developed web services and projects for public administration and tourism. In 2002 he opened several IT and telecommunication stores and started collaborating with the first IT franchise brands in Italy. His passion for information technology, financial collecting and history led him to the creation of the first digital museum specialized in "Scripofilia" which has become the point of reference for history enthusiasts and collectors. Today, he is among the leading international experts in the field and founded the specialized certification brand "ScripoPass."

Discover the project

The project

The genesis of the ScripoArt project born in 2018 from the collaboration between Alberto Puppo, founder of the project, and artist Marco Veronese, is now seeing the light in the new ScripoPhygitalArt project, which aims to give new life, thanks to blockchain-related technology, to historical financial documents. The new languages give us the opportunity to create a bridge between the past and the future of collecting, giving the opportunity to new generations to rediscover, thanks to the artistic intervention, documents that have changed history and that have made it possible to realize the world we know today.