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Marco Veronese

Marco Veronese is a digital artist, photographer, sculptor, performer, writer and poet from Italy currently living and working in Turkey. Born in Biella (Italy), in 1962, he fell in love with art as a child when he was given the book “From the Renaissance to Mannerism” for his tenth birthday: this book lead him to discover the beauty, the depth, and the importance of art. In 1993 he co-founded CrackingArtGroup in Milan, still active today. His daily commitment is to awaken dormant consciences, giving back a new value to the word spirituality through a poetic and recognizable aesthetic. To him, we are the directors, actors, and spectators looking for a reality and a possible truth, and the artist is but the lighting technician, the one who turns the spotlight on awareness. He considers himself a "warrior artist", an alchemist transforming the lead of violence into the gold of beauty and harmony. The aim of his quest isn’t finding new forms and new materials, but restoring what manipulation has made unrecognizable: the human being. Since 1982 he has exhibited his works in numerous galleries in Italy, France, the USA, Israel, Korea, Turkey, and many other countries around the world. 

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