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Andrea Tamburini

Andrea Tamburini is an Italian designer. Born in Milan in 1977, he graduated from Monza State Art Institute. He furthered his studies at The Polytechnic University of Milan, starting to work in the world of design and architecture upon graduating. Those who know Tamburini define him as an all-round designer, capable of expanding in every field. Design is part of his DNA, making him an undisputed master of style and creativity. Fascinated by the world of beauty, he is a watch enthusiast and art connoisseur. In 2007 he started to work with Marco Mavilla, founder of ToyWatch, designing collections of watches inspired by the world and colours of fashion. His career kept following this path, allowing him to combine his passion with work. In 2022, after having worked together on several projects, Tamburini and Mavilla, now great friends, combined once again their complementary skills to develop their idea of innovation, thus entering the luxury watch market.

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