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The real issue with NFTs is the word NFT

by Tech Siliconlake on July 25, 2022


Just like the issue with blockchain is… the word blockchain

At the age of 8 months, we experience the fear of strangers, moving to a phase that has an adaptive and evolutionary significance in which humans develop an attachment to the mother to find protection. Everything different from this is seen by the child as danger. 

This “fear” of what we don’t know points to the concept of the exterior, the outside, which is linked to the Latin prepositions e and extra, from which the terms strange and stranger are derived. Diversity and strangeness are often confused, associated, or given a bad connotation. 

Fear, at an unconscious level, is active and valid in every field: social, communicative, and so on. 

In the technological field, the use of incomprehensible words is a must

One example of this is the birth of the TCP/IP protocols. They are one of the foundations of the Internet: without the TCP/IP protocols, a daily activity like surfing the net wouldn’t even be imaginable. 

Even in a case like this, it is possible to find in newspaper archives some articles that assumed that the TCP/IP protocols, the www, etc. would die soon or even that their mass adoption would be risky. Nothing but fear of what we didn’t know. 

This is to say that, apparently, we have learned nothing at all. 

We are all hyped for the transition from the web 2.0 to the web 3.0, but only 40% of Italians has a digital identity and 25% of them doesn’t use it fearing that Indian hackers could rob them of their identity. 

We are all hyped for the metaverse, but more than half of European teachers curse every day on Google Meet and Classroom because they can’t use them. 

There are no doubts that a digital revolution is afoot. But it is also true that revolutions are made by the people, and if we don’t help it understand, the revolution becomes an assembly that only a few people end up attending. 

At Hodie NFT and Hodie Pass, we have been working for over two years with the goal of making NFTs and the blockchain systems mainstream. 

Will we achieve this? Follow us to find out 😉