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Marco Veronese's poetic and harmonious aesthetic arrives on the Hodie NFT marketplace

by Tech Siliconlake on November 14, 2022

The artist from Biella brings his vision of the human condition to the blockchain

Art is made up of reinterpretation, change, representation of fictitious realities and of us, human beings in search of free expression. Art manifests itself in sculptures, photographs, poems and paintings, means to frame the essence of us all over several centuries and lifetimes. With technology increasingly part of this dimension, it is time to embrace the essence of our future, reinterpreted by the artist Marco Veronese in his first NFT for the Hodie marketplace: INFINITY.

Born in Biella, Veronese is a co-founder of the CrackingArt group which, since 1993, has been presenting installations with works created to stimulate collective reflection on the themes of the anthropic effect on the natural environment through engaging performance actions. To date, the famous colourful animals have "invaded" over 400 places around the world, including both the spaces proper to art and those of daily life. The key to understanding his paintings and sculptures is to be found in an attempt to awaken dormant consciences and give a new meaning to the word spirituality.

Marco Veronese interprets today's problems with synthetic creations rich in symbols. He is not only a "warrior artist", but a researcher more interested in reshaping what manipulation has made unrecognisable, the human being, rather than experimenting with new materials.

His work is based on the rediscovery of ancient and more contemporary philosophical thoughts that bring man back to the discovery of the deep self and consequently with his own bond with the whole. He is an alchemist whose Philosopher's Stone is the energy of the universe.

The Hodie NFT marketplace is therefore proud to welcome his experience and art with INFINITY, the first Token  NFT presented in collaboration with Hodie. INFINITY is the digital representation of the essential link between the man and the nature, of the false omnipotence conferred by scientific and technological progress.

The authentic experience of each human being is found at their natural roots, far from the virtual boundaries of today: "INFINITY arises from my need to tell, if need be, the essential link between the man and the nature. Scientific and technological progress has made us believe that we are omnipotent, which is why we use ourselves and our experiences as the only yardstick to evaluate everything that surrounds us and that was on this planet even before we were part of it. The cyclical nature allows the natural system to survive and regenerate even if in different forms. We are constantly changing energy and as such we are made of the same matter as a tree, just as a rhinoceros is made of the same matter as a human being. Nature would exist even without us, but could we survive without it?", comments Veronese.

INFINITY consists of a sophisticated 50-second 3D video, in which the fall of a drop of golden water in an infinite space generates the birth of a the series of elements that are the very representation of the relationship between the man, the nature and the universe. The last element is the leaf of the tree which as it falls transforms into the essence of life, starting a new cycle.

Marco Veronese's work lands on Hodie NFT at the price of €370, for a total of 100 pieces available to collectors and art lovers. For more information, you can visit Marco Veronese's collections on the Hodie marketplace and the artist's website