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Ingenieux Liaison 0/99 absolute protagonist of Haute Horlogerie: sold on auction for EUR 35,400 (CHF 35,000)

by Tech Siliconlake on November 09, 2022
The unique piece of the Phygital series "Liaison" was a resounding success at the Antiquorum Geneva auction

Hodie NFT, the first Italian multi-brand NFT marketplace based on the Bitcoin blockchain, and the Haute Horlogerie brand Ingenieux are proud of the success achieved in Geneva during the Ingenieux "Liaison" NFT 0/99 watch auction, a unique piece of the homonymous collection. 

On the Swiss stage, the creation of Ingenieux has won the attention of fine watchmaking collectors and lovers thanks to its exclusivity and peculiarity: the watch, made according to the concept "Time is collision", is sold with an NFT, a digital artwork on the blockchain, which represents the harmony of precision mechanics and holds the certificate of authenticity of the 0/99 model, the first of the "Liaison" series sold internationally.

As a Phygital collection, the new owner will take possession of the unique watch, the corresponding token and will get additional benefits, including the selection of custom packaging, the purchase priority on subsequent Ingenieux editions, exclusive invitations to participate in Haute Horlogerie auctions, and an exclusive invitation to one Ingenieux event per year.

The encounter between fine watchmaking and blockchain has fascinated collectors from all over the world, in an unforgettable auction for the brand.

The prestigious Geneva-based house Antiquorum, one of the most renowned Haute Horlogerie since 1974 thanks to historic sales for brands such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex and Omega, has led the challenge among potential owners of Ingenieux "Liaison" NFT 0/99 for over 9 minutes, starting from CHF 5,000 and arriving at a selling price of  CHF 35,000 – EUR 35,400 at the current exchange rate. The result was announced to the audience's applause in the room and of the auction house itself.

Marco Mavilla, the founder of Ingenieux tells: “an unexpected recognition confirms the appreciation of the brand's vision that makes styles and great stories collide. We have united the world of Haute Horlogerie with blockchain, expanding interest and bringing two different worlds together. Ingeniuex traces a new path that we must have the courage to follow."

The 99 luxury watches of the first Ingenieux "Liaison" HodieNFT series are available on the HodieNFT marketplace starting from EUR 7,000 . The Phygital collection maintains the same advantages as the 0/99 piece, with an NFT for all watches created by the designer Andrea Tamburini.

For more information, you can visit the Ingenieux collection on the Hodie marketplace, the page dedicated to Liaison 0/99 and the Antiquorum portal in Geneva.