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But then, what are NFTs anyways? What are they for?

by Tech Siliconlake on August 29, 2022

We are all experts in this field, and yet Nintendo is considering adopting NFTs… but it doesn’t know what to make of them. We’re talking about Nintendo, not my cousin and his bar with slot machines. 

During a Q&A session held after the publication of its latest financial results, the executives of the Kyoto-based company have confirmed they are interested in this field and that they believe there is a potential in this sector, but they also added: “we wonder what kind of satisfaction we could give with NFTs, and it is complicated providing an answer at the moment.”

Basically, it was a cute way to say: “Cryptokitties are cool, aren’t they? But what do we make of them?

At Silicon Lake, we have worked for over a year to come up with these answers, which can now be found in 👉🏼 Hodie NFT and 👉🏼 Hodie Pass. One goal, one team, exceptional partnerships, a lot of coffee and counselling sessions to design perhaps one of the most ambitious platforms in the #nft market. (let’s hope so🤞🏼).